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2016 Music Hall of Fame Inductees

Casino Nova Scotia and Music Nova Scotia announced that Harry Hibbs was among the newest slate of inductees into the Casino Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame tonight in its second and newest location at the Casino in Sydney.

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Gros Morne: The Harry Hibbs Effect!!



Through a whole cycle of oceans opening and then closing. No you could say [Plays accordion]. Closing that took about 500 million years I’d say. That’s one geologic cycle. We call it a Wilson cycle by the way, after Tuzo Wilson. And again, out [Plays accordion] and that collision to make the Appalachian Mountains. And when we brought the continental margins together, that produced the deformed rocks of the Appalachian mountain belt. And now the Atlantic is going out and the Pacific is closing as the Atlantic is opening. Well, you could call it the accordion effect. But at the time we discovered it Harry Hibbs was a noted accordionist in Newfoundland, so we called it the Harry Hibbs effect. But you could name anything you wanted after me like that, if you wanted to. I’d be very proud! And Harry would be too if he was alive to know it. [Laughs]



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